The Role of Engineering Faculty Participation Workshop on Accreditation and Accreditation of SINTA Indexed Journals

The Faculty of Engineering included a lecturer, namely Ms. Nita Nurdiana, S.T., M.T., to attend the Workshop on Accreditation and Accreditation of SINTA Indexed Journals. This activity was held for 2 (two) days, Monday-Tuesday March 1 and 2, 2021 at the Hall H. Aidil Fitri Syah, Business and Science Center Building, PGRI University of Palembang, this activity was carried out in collaboration between the PGRI Palembang University and the Higher Education Service Institutions (LLDikti) Region II.

This workshop was attended by journal managers from 24 private universities in South Sumatra (SumSel) and PGRI Palembang University involving 17 journal managers at the PGRI Palembang University. The workshop was officially opened by Ka. LLDikti Region II Mr. Prof. Yuliansyah S.E., M.S.A., Ph.D., Akt., CA. Meanwhile, the Chancellor of the PGRI Palembang University, Mr. H. Bukman Lian, MM., M.Sc., CIQaR in his speech expressed his gratitude for being appointed by the PGRI Palembang University as the host of this activity, “PGRI University is ready to help and facilitate in terms of academic acceleration which is the work program of the Higher Education Service Institutions. Region II ”. Likewise with Ka. LLDikti Region II Mr. Prof. Yuliansyah S.E., M.S.A., Ph.D., Akt., CA. hopes that this workshop can improve the ranking of journals in LLDikti Region II, so that it can make it easier for lecturers to publish.

PGRI Palembang University currently has 27 scientific journals, there are 6 journals that have been accredited by SINTA. 10 journals are in the assessment process and 11 journals are still in the process of applying for accreditation.

Present as a resource for this activity were Dr. Heri Nurdiyanto, S.Kom., M.T., Hamid Mukhlis, M.Psi., Psychologist and Karona Cahya Susena, S.E., M.M.

The purpose of this workshop activity is not only to encourage journal managers in the LLDikti Region II environment to submit accreditation applications, but also to improve the ability of journal managers to manage journals and increase journal accreditation, especially at PGRI Palembang University which is useful for assessing the accreditation of institutions and study programs.