Internal Quality Audit, Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Study Program, PGRI Palembang University

Internal Quality Audit is a systematic, independent, and documented testing process to ensure that the implementation of activities in Higher Education is in accordance with procedures and the results are in accordance with standards to achieve institutional goals. Internal Quality Audit is not an assessment/assessment but rather a match between the implementation and the planning of an activity/program. Internal Quality Audit is conducted to determine the level of conformity of the implementation of activities to the organization’s own internal standards Internal quality standards, regulations, procedures, work instructions, in order to improve the quality of the institution and reduce the risk of not achieving standards/degrading quality. Standards in the SPMI or other standards to be achieved by the concerned university. Internal Quality Audits are also carried out as a long process for self-introspection on our capabilities and capacities. For this reason, there is monitoring and evaluation related to achievements within the scope of PGRI Palembang University. This aims to see the reality at PGRI Palembang University is in accordance with what is written in the operational standards of implementation, procedures, and work instructions. Efforts to monitor the system and management at PGRI Palembang University to see the cycle from planning, implementation, to accountability around policies, procedures or requirements that have been used as references so far.

The Faculty of Engineering Chemical Engineering Study Program, University of PGRI Palembang on Wednesday, June 22, 2021, has carried out an Internal Quality Audit. This activity was carried out by the BPM auditor team at PGRI Palembang University. Present at the Internal Quality Audit, the Head of Chemical Engineering Study Program, Muhrinsyah Fatimura, ST., M.T, and accompanied the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. Adiguna, ST., M.Si, Vice Dean of FT. Aan Sefentry, ST., M.T, Ka. TU and Administration Sri Mulyati, ST., M. Pd.

The objectives of the Internal Quality Audit (AMI) are, among others, to:

  • Determine the suitability or incompatibility of the elements of the Quality System (SM) with the requirements that have been set.
  • Determine the effectiveness of the achievement of the quality objectives that have been set.
  • Improving the Quality System.
  • Monitor the Quality System as stated in the organization’s program or policy.
  • Checking the availability and/or completeness of all documents related to SPMI in the audited unit.
  • Examine and provide an assessment of the performance of the audited unit with benchmarks for meeting/achieving the contents of each SPMI standard.

The target to be achieved from the internal quality audit is that there are improvements in performance, as well as additional achievements made by the University of PGRI Palembang from time to time in accordance with the development of technology and information.