Participation of the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Palembang in the Webinar of the National Digital Literacy Program

Digital literacy is an individual’s interest, attitude, and ability to use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate, analyze and evaluate information, build new knowledge, create, and communicate with others. Digital literacy also means a person’s ability and insight in the aspect of using digital technology, communication tools, creating and evaluating information in a healthy and careful manner and obeying the law in life, the ability and knowledge to use digital means wisely and appropriately. Digital literacy is important because it can enable a person to think critically, creatively, and innovatively, solve problems, communicate more smoothly, and collaborate with more people.

In order to support the acceleration of digital transformation, capacity building, awareness, and dissemination of the use of digital technology so that people can use the internet correctly and responsibly and increase the knowledge and understanding of the millennial generation of the great potential that Indonesia has. Directorate General of Informatics Applications cq. Directorate of Information Empowerment, through the National Digital Literacy Program which will be held on: Day / Date: Wednesday/11 August 2021 Time: 09.00-12.00 through the Zoom Meeting application and on the Ministry of Communications and Informatics’s Youtube channel Siberkreasi. With the theme: “The Importance of the Internet for Cultural Introduction”.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas PGRI Palembang Adiguna, S.T., M.Si took part and became one of the speakers in the Webinar of the 2021 National Digital Literacy Movement in South Sumatra – Palembang City. Appearing as the 4th resource person, Adiguna, S.T., M.Si in the Digital Culture category presented material about the internet for the Campaign to Grow Creativity & Innovation of the Young Generation in preserving Local Culture. In his presentation, Adiguna, S.T., M.Si reminded the importance of knowledge about telling stories that exist in the community regarding the origin of a custom, culture and existing buildings, especially in the people of South Sumatra. One of the examples discussed is about the construction of a raft house located along the banks of the Palembang Musi River.

In addition to Adiguna, S.T., M.Si were present as resource persons at this activity, namely: in the digital skills category, Arief Wicaksono (Finance and Accounting Manager, Poto hobbyist), in the digital security category, Dr. Lisa Andhrianti, M.Si (unib lecturer, Japelidi), in the category of digital ethics Ir. H. Kemas Isnaini Madani, M. TP, (Head of the Palembang City Tourism Office) and guided by moderator Sonnaria and Key Opinion Leader: @dieva_ipeh (Designer).

The webinar ended with a question and answer session.