Thesis Writing Workshop, Faculty of Engineering TA. 2021-2022

In an effort to improve the quality of good and correct student thesis writing, the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Palembang held a TA Thesis Writing Workshop. 2021-2022. On this occasion, the Faculty of Engineering presented four speakers, namely Adiguna, S.T., M.Sc., Amiwarti, S.T., M.T., Emidiana, S.T., M.T., and Muhrinsyah Fatimura, S.T., M.T. The workshop was held in the Hall of the Faculty of Engineering, Building D, 1st floor, PGRI University Palembang, Friday, November 6, 2021 and took place from 09.00 WIB. This event took place by prioritizing the health protocols set by the government. The workshop was implemented using a Hybrid system and as many as 18 students attended the event, which was held both offline and online.

The activity, which was moderated by Rully Masriatini, S.T., M.T, began with the accountability report of the chairman of the workshop committee, Mr. Aan Sefentry, S.T., M.T, then continued with remarks from the Dean of the Adiguna Engineering Faculty, S.T., M.Si who also opened the workshop. In his remarks, Adiguna, S.T., M.Si expressed his extraordinary appreciation for the implementation of this activity. “Thank you to all the academics of the engineering faculty, especially the executive committee for holding this activity in order to improve the quality of the faculty. With this workshop, students have standards in carrying out thesis writing. and this workshop was able to increase the knowledge, quality, behavior and abilities of engineering faculty students. It is hoped that students who take part in this workshop will produce better thesis writing than before.”

Appearing as the first resource person, Adiguna, S.T., M.Si presented material on the Academic Policy of the Faculty of Engineering. Then Amiwarti, S.T., M.T appeared as the second resource person with material on Procedures and Requirements for Student Thesis Activities. Followed by the third speaker Muhrinsyah Fatimura, S.T., M.T with material on Citation, Format and Submit Journal. After a break, the event resumed, appearing as the fourth resource person Emidiana, S.T., M.T with material on Thesis Writing Format.

The purpose and objectives of this activity are, among others, to provide thesis writing training to students of the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Palembang in order to have knowledge and understanding of how to write a thesis properly and correctly, to provide students with the ability and skills to write thesis in accordance with established rules or guidelines. at the Faculty of Engineering.

The workshop was closed with a question and answer session between participants and presenters.

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