Job Training Seminar for Civil Engineering Study Program Even Semester Academic Year 2020/2021

Practical work is an activity carried out by final year students as part of the curriculum that must be carried out by civil engineering students, the purpose of this practical work is to learn and add insight into the world of work, and as a form of application of the theory that has been obtained in lectures. In addition, practical work is one of the requirements for academic administration to complete the undergraduate/S1 level.The Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Study Program, Universitas PGRI Palembang, on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Even Semester held a Job Training Seminar which was held in the Hall of the Faculty of Engineering, Building D, 1st Floor, Universitas PGRI Palembang. The practical work seminar was attended by 3 (three) participants, namely: 1.Budiman, 2.Ilham, 3. Anja Rafika. With a team of examiners, namely: 1. Amiwarti, ST., M.T., 2. Herri Purwanto, S.T., M.T., 3. Agus Setiobudi, ST., M.Sc