Make Achievements at POMDA 2021, Athletes from the Faculty of Engineering Chemical Engineering Study Program UPGRIP take home 1 Medal

Athlete from the Faculty of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Study Program, Ary Wicakhyanto, who represented the University of PGRI Palembang, made his achievements. This time, they brought the 3rd place winner of the “Male Class I Competition” in the Pencak silat sport in the Regional Student Sports Week (POMDA) at the South Sumatra level which was held at UIN Raden Fatah Palembang.

The XVII POMDA which was held at the Academic Center of UIN Raden Fatah Palembang on 19 s.d. 21 June 20 was attended by at least 21 universities in South Sumatra. The POMDA itself was held with the aim of preparing athletes to go to POMNAS in November 2022 in West Sumatra.

Behind the achievements that are often inscribed, of course, cannot be separated from their enthusiasm and hard work (athletes and team officials) to always provide the best for the institution, in this case the University of PGRI Palembang (UPGRIP). In the future, hopefully the UPGRIP pencak silat athletes will be more successful and can make the name of the institution proud on the national and international stage.

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