Equation of Perception of Thesis Preparation Guidance in the Faculty of Engineering PGRI University of Palembang


The final project is one of the requirements for a student to obtain a bachelor’s degree. The final project for undergraduate students is in the form of a thesis report written based on the Engineering Faculty Thesis Writing Format reference. Although it has undergone several revisions, this format contains rules that can cover all study programs in the Faculty of Engineering, PGRI University of Palembang. Lecturers as student guides in writing final assignments often experience difficulties regarding the similarity of perceptions of writing student final assignments, both among lecturers / supervisors and between lecturers and students. This problem arises because there is no more detailed synchronization at the study program level and at the faculty level. The activity “Equalization of Lecturers’ Perceptions of Thesis Writing” is one solution that can solve the problem of differences in perceptions in writing student final assignments at the study program level.

For this reason, the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Palembang on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 carried out the Equation of Perceptions of Thesis Compilation Guidance at the Hall of the Faculty of Engineering, Building D, 1st floor of the PGRI Palembang University.

Activities that were opened and led directly by the Dean of the FT. Mr. Adiguna, S.T., M.Si was also attended by Mr. Dr. Yassir Arafat, S.E., M.M., CIQaR representing the Chancellor of the PGRI Palembang University, Chair of the Committee as well as the Deputy Dean of the FT. Mr. Aan Sefentry, S.T., M.T and all Permanent Lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering Foundation. By presenting 4 (four) presenters namely Adiguna, ST, M.Si (Dean of FT), Emidiana, ST, MT (Head of Study Program T. Elektro), Amiwarti, ST, MT (Head of Study Program T. Civil), and Muhrinsyah Fatimura, ST, MT (Head of Study Program T. Chemistry).

In his remarks Adiguna, S.T., M.Si said “Lecturers have a very big role in directing and guiding students from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester, with this perception equalization activity it is expected that each lecturer has guidelines and perceptions that are in line with the preparation of thesis writing. So that every study program in the Faculty of Engineering can be in harmony in the making of the final project “. Meanwhile Dr. Yassir Arafat, S.E., M.M., CIQaR in his direction expressed his appreciation for the shared perception of thesis guidance at the Faculty of Engineering. “Lecturers must have the same understanding in terms of thesis guidance to students in accordance with the thesis writing guidelines owned by the Faculty of Engineering. Thesis writing must be in accordance with the existing method and must be continuously evaluated “. At the end of his direction Dr. Yassir Arafat, S.E., M.M., CIQaR urged students to increase their journal writing, with the large number of journals this can increase the citation of faculties and universities.

This activity aims to: equalize the perceptions of each lecturer in guiding Faculty of Engineering students in writing their final assignments, and improve the quality of how to guide the writing of student final assignments for each study program in accordance with the applicable guidelines at the Faculty of Engineering Meanwhile, the expected benefit is that the lecturers get additional knowledge and can improve the competence of the supervisor in guiding and directing students in the preparation of final assignments.