Inauguration of the PGRI Palembang University Student Dormitory


YPLP PT-PGRI Sumsel is committed to supporting the education of PGRI Palembang University students and continues to strive to improve the quality of existing infrastructure, both for the implementation of the tridharma of higher education, supporting facilities including services for students. One of the efforts made by providing supporting facilities for student education. The manifestation of this commitment is like providing a dormitory for students whose use was inaugurated on Friday, October 15, 2021 by the Chairperson of PGRI Prov. South Sumatra H. Ahmad Zulinto, S.Pd., M.M and was attended by the Chairman of YPLP-PT PGRI Sumsel Hj. Meilia Rosani, S.H., M.H and their staff, UPGRI Palembang Chancellor Dr. H. Bukman Lian, M.M., M.Sc., CIQaR along with the ranks, Director and Deputy Director of Postgraduate, Dean, Deputy Dean and all lecturers, managers and students from all faculties within the University of PGRI Palembang.

The inauguration was marked by ribbon cutting and the signing of the inscription by H. Ahmad Zulinto, S.Pd., M and the Chairman of YPLP-PT PGRI Sumsel Hj. Meilia Rosani, S.H., M.H. Hopefully, the inauguration of this student dormitory will also bring new and positive enthusiasm for the implementation of a qualified education.

Dormitory is not only a place to rest, but dormitory is a vehicle for personal development in developing discipline, social sense, responsibility, independence and leadership. At the same time as a place to build student character such as ethics, discipline, honesty, responsibility, commitment, toughness, caring for others and having good morals.