Participation of Faculty of Engineering Lecturers in Monev KKN TA. 2021

Real work lectures (KKN) are one form of community service activities by universities carried out by students under the guidance of lecturers and local government leaders. The definition of community service is the scientific and institutionalized practice of science, technology and art by higher education institutions directly to the community. This is in accordance with the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, because in KKN it combines the Dharma of education and teaching, research and community service. While Field Work Lectures (KKL) are learning activities carried out by students to add insight and get real experience from agencies, institutions or organizations related to the student’s discipline.

Lecturers of the Adiguna Engineering Faculty, S.T., M.Si in the capacity of monitoring team at PGRI Palembang University, for two days, Tuesday-Wednesday, November 10 and 11, 2021, carried out monitoring of KKN for students at PGRI Palembang University in Lahat Regency and Pagar Alam City. On the first day, the areas visited were Manggul Village and Cecar Village, Lahat Regency, followed by a visit to the Kesbangpol Office of Pagar Alam City on the second day.

The purpose of this monitoring is to: find errors as early as possible so as to reduce greater risks. provide solutions to students in resolving any obstacles faced by students at KKN locations, checking the implementation of student work programs, both individual and group work programs, controlling whether the policies being implemented are in accordance with the goals and objectives, as well as modifying policies if the results of monitoring require for it.

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