12 Engineering Faculty Students Attend the 59th Undergraduate Graduation of PGRI Palembang University

Graduation is the dream of all students and to achieve it, of course, students must follow a long procedure, such as: lectures, research, writing scientific papers, and others. Graduation is a ceremony of confirmation or inauguration for someone who has studied, graduation is also a sign of graduation for students who have studied at a university.

PGRI University Palembang on Thursday 27 October 2022, held the graduation of the 33rd Strata Two (S-2), 59th Bachelor’s Degree (S-1) and 20th Diploma Three (D-3), face to face in front of the Wyndham Hotel OPI Mall Ballroom. Attended by the Governor of South Sumatra H. Herman Deru represented by the Head of the Office of the Province of South Sumatra Drs. H. Riza Fahlevi, M.M., Head of LLDikti Region II Prof. Dr. Iskhaq Iskandar, M.Sc., General Chairperson of PB PGRI Prof. Dr.Unifah Rosyidi, M.Pd., Chair of PGRI of South Sumatra Province as well as Advisor of BPH PB PGRI at PGRI Palembang University H. Ahmad Zulinto, S.Pd., M.M., Chairman of BPH PB PGRI at PGRI University Palembang, Dr. Hj. Meilia Rosani, S.H., M.H., and staff, Rector of PGRI University Palembang Dr., H. Bukman Lian, M.M., M.Si, CIQaR and staff, Plh. Vice Chancellor I, Vice Chancellor II and Vice Chancellor III, Chair and Members of the Senate of the Deans, Plt. Postgraduate Director and staff, Head of Bureau, Unit Leaders, Managers, Lecturers, graduates and other invited guests.

Thursday, October 27, 2022, 974 students took part in the graduation procession. This graduation was divided into two sessions and as many as 12 students of the Faculty of Engineering consisting of 5 students from the Electrical Engineering Study Program, 3 students from the Chemical Engineering Study Program and 4 students from the Civil Engineering Study Program attended the second graduation session.

The Faculty of Engineering is committed to continuing to provide the best service to the community and especially to students, and will continuously improve the quality of its graduates so that later they can be easily absorbed in the world of work, it is hoped that all graduates can give pride and bring a good name to PGRI Palembang University. And hopefully they can contribute and take part optimally in their respective fields with various works and services for the community, nation and state.