Regular Meetings of the Faculty of Engineering, University of PGRI Palembang

In connection with the many activities that will be carried out in November, the Faculty of Engineering holds monthly regular meetings. This meeting is deemed necessary to be held so that all relevant parties can carry out their duties and obligations properly. And in terms of implementation, they can synergize, harmonize and have quality in carrying out an activity.

The routine meeting which was held on Tuesday (2/11/2022), took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Engineering, 2nd floor of Building D, Universitas PGRI Palembang. The meeting was chaired by the Dean of the Amiwarti Faculty of Engineering, S.T., M.T accompanied by the Vice Dean Aan Sefentry, S.T., M.T., Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program Emidiana, S.T., M.T., Head of Chemical Engineering Study Program Muhrinsyah Fatimura, S.T., M.T., Head of Civil Engineering Study Program Herri Purwanto, S.T., S.T., S.T. M.T., IPM., Head of TU, ​​Finance and Personnel Sri Mulyati, S.T., M.Pd, Head of Sub-section of Equipment and Letters Dwi Warsari, S.H., M.H, Head of Sub-Division of Academic Administration, Cooperation and Student Affairs Endang Kurniawan, S.T., Ka. Library unit Lusi Anita, S.E., Ka. Laboratory of Electrical Engineering Irine Kartika Pebrianti, S.T., M.T., Ka. Chemical Engineering Study Program Lab, Rully Masriatini, S.T., M.T and all the education staff of the Faculty of Engineering.

As for the things discussed in this meeting, namely: Thesis Writing Training activities for the Faculty of Engineering for the academic year 2022-2023, Socialization of New Student Admissions at Vocational High Schools in the city of Palembang, Community Service by Lecturers and International Public Lectures.